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HandleMyData is a division of Los Angeles-based SiteMe, Inc. , a web-development company co-founded in 2005 by Aviel and Sella Feuer. Aviel and Sella comprise an expert technological team with a combined 35-year background in IT, content management systems and database


About Us

Aviel Feuer - President


HandleMyData’s president and co-founder,Aviel Feuer , is an electrical engineer with certified training in computer networks and special expertise in constructing and maintaining database-driven applications.

As IT manager for Customer Solutions Group, Inc., since 2001, Aviel Feuer has been in charge of all computer-related infrastructure, local and on the cloud; web hosting; SSL certificates and HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements.

Aviel has also served as architecting team leader for many warm transfer and CRM projects, with responsibilities including:

  • Transferring and storing data automatically from posts or files.
  • Processing outcome data and generating reports.
  • Performing integrity audits and tracking failures.
  • Improving on productivity by modifying workflow.
  • Writing specifications and requirements for new and ongoing projects.

HandleMyData additionally benefits from Aviel Feuer’s wealth of hands-on experience in diverse platforms such as SQL, IIS, cloud hosting and more, all of which make him a valuable asset when setting up new projects and maintaining their integrity.


Sella Feuer - Programming and Web Development


HandleMyData’s co-founder and programmer/web developer, Sella Feuer , is a certified programmer and webmaster with extensive experience in data analysis, programming, development and system management.

Since 2004 Sella Feuer has been the executing arm of ongoing projects that include:

  • Telemarketing program management tools for directing the activities of dozens of agents.
  • Consolidating, streamlining and managing telemarketing lead lists.
  • Analyzing raw data for optimization of workflow and maximizing marketing campaigns.
  • Web-based interfaces for updating data and export reports.
  • Customer loyalty management program designed to track purchases, payments and earned benefits.
  • Web portal to manage projects and sub-contractors.

Sella’s exceptional proficiency with a broad range of web-based applications, systems and tools allows HandleMyData to provide a wide variety of solutions to a diverse client base.


HandleMyData reflects its co-founders’ staunch commitment to provide full-service, needs-responsive analysis, programming, web design, and IT support solutions for Internet customers worldwide. They personally manage every HandleMyData project, bringing in specialists from their wide-ranging network to construct a perfect, personalized plan for every client.

Our Clients Say

Nava Skolnik

... you listen to my ideas and suggestions, addressed my concern. You took it upon yourselves to teach me how to put my catalog together, overcome my fears, and encourage me through out the process. During the past years you were always there for me to improve, try new ideas, advise, and update both the site and the catalog, whether it was day, night, or weekend. Over these years you have proven to be one of the best choices I made as to whom to trust to build my web site, and I am truly appreciative of the great service. You are simply the best!

Scott Sizemore, Director

Aviel and his team have helped us overcome significant obstacles to deliver outstanding client results. HandleMyData is a valued member of the NMC network

Doris Wise Montrose

Everything you did was done promptly and courteously ... The best of all is that you are either always available or you return calls promptly... Being the “chief cook and bottle washer” for my organization, I could never have accomplished as much as I have without your help.
I highly recommend HandleMyData’s services. They are talented and creative. Best of all is their motto: Anything can be done.